5 Smart Storage Tricks For A Small Kitchen

Not all of us are blessed with a huge amount of space. Most of us have to make to with a small place. In such houses, the places to that get the blow in terms of storage space is usually the bathroom or the kitchen. However, storage space is essential in the kitchen. Below are some tried and tested tricks for storage in a small kitchen:

Use The Walls Wisely

Proper use of walls can free up a lot of cabinet space. Using kitchen hooks to hand ladles, scoops and flat pans ultimately frees up space inside the drawers and the cabinets, while also giving you easy access to the cooking utensils you need most often. Moreover, kitchen magnets are your best friends. If you have metal scaling on the walls, small items such as forks and knives can be hung using magnets.

Using Hanging Racks

Using hanging racks for drying dishes and kitchen cloths is the ultimate space saver. They don’t take up as much space as drying baskets do so on the cabinets. In this way, your cabinets stay clear, giving you more room to work. Similarly, hanging rods around the kitchen can be used for heavier pots and pans.

Be More Versatile With Furniture

Sticking to purely kitchen furniture is a mistake we are all guilty of making. We think that it is a must to buy kitchen furniture only. However, with some cleverness, ordinary furniture can actually be more beneficial. Getting furniture such as chest of drawers and bookshelf creates massive storage space while taking up less area. So now you have a lot of space for storing glasses and mugs, and freeing up cabinets.

Go For Compact Versions

It is easy to end up buying the full-size versions of bar stools, tables, chairs, and racks. This even applies to appliances. Get the two slice toaster instead of four; go for a smaller Panini maker, so and so forth. By going for compact and smaller versions, a lot of kitchen space is created and gives your kitchen a more open feel. Also, if you have more floor space, you can easily add stack able baskets or storage boxes for items that you don’t need often.

Working and getting around in a small kitchen can be problematic, but with a few clever tricks and a right eye arrangement, you can create more space for work and essential items.

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